New Voting Machine to Help Assist Disabled

This year there will be a new voting machine at each precinct to assist those individuals with disabilities. The machine is being implemented due to the Federal Help American Vote Act of 2002, which requires all precincts to have machines in place that individuals with special needs can use privately and independently.

How Do I Register To Vote?

You may register to vote 20 days before the election. Residents can register to vote by picking up a voter registration card at the La Crescent City Hall, 315 Main Street, or by calling (507) 895-2595, to have one mailed.

Residents can also register at their polling place on election day with authorized proof of residence, which includes one of the follows:

  • Driver’s license, permit, or receipt showing address in precinct.
  • Student I.D. card, student fee statement or registration card with address in the precinct.
  • Minnesota I. D. card, showing address in precinct.
  • Utility bill with your current address along with a Minnesota photo I.D. card. Driver’s license, learners’ permit, identification card or receipt with a former address and a current utility bill.
  • A registered voter from the same precinct who is willing to vouch for your residency. Prior registration.
  • Notice of late registration.

Utility Bill Must Be:

  • cable TV, electric, gas, phone or water/sewer bill
  • due within 30 days of the election
  • have the voter’s name and current address in the precinct

Registration is permanent unless a person fails to vote at least once every four (4) years, undergoes a name change or moved to a new precinct

How Do I Vote Absentee?

Absentee ballots for the primary and general election are available 30 days prior to each election. Absentee voters must complete an absentee ballot application, which are available at La Crescent City Hall, 315 Main Street. You may stop by to pick one up or give us a call and we will mail one to you.

You will then mail your request to the Houston County Courthouse, the address of which is printed on the absentee applicati0n. Absentee voting can also be done in person at the Houston County Courthouse Auditor’s Office, 304 South Marshall, Caledonia, MN 30 days prior to the primary and general elections.

Precinct Polling Locations

  • PRECINCT 1 La Crescent Community Building 336 S. 1st Street
  • PRECINCT 2 Community Ice Arena, 520 South 14th Street
  • PRECINCT 3 Community Ice Arena, 520 South 14th Street
  • PRECINCT 4 mailed ballot

Not sure which precinct you are in? Call City Hall at (507) 895-2595 during normal business hours or click on the Polling Place Finder link below:

Qualifications for Voting

The State of Minnesota Requires the Following for Voter Eligibility:

  • Minimum age of 18 by election day
  • United States citizenship
  • Minnesota residency for at least 20 days immediately preceding the election
  • Voter registration

Residents Unqualified To Vote Are Those Who:

  • Have been convicted of treason or a felony and have not yet had their civil rights restored
  • Are under a guardianship
  • Have been found by a court of law to be legally incompetent
  • Are not registered to vote

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