In La Crescent, you can register your bike at the front desk of City Hall. A record will then be created in the La Crescent Police Department so if a bicycle is lost or stolen the police can identify its owner and increase the chances of getting the bike back. This is a free service.

Fill out the following form and turn into City Hall Bicycle Ordinance and License. The form is also available at City Hall. You will need to know the value of your bicycle, describe the frame and color, and have the serial number. The serial number is generally located on the underside of the bottom bracket, or under where the pedals are attached.

It’s very helpful to have a photo of your bicycle on file, should it ever be missing. That way you can post the photo on Facebook, or ask the La Crescent Police to put the photo on their page.

Park your bike inside a closed garage if possible when not riding it. This decreases the chance of it being stolen from your property.

If your bike is lost or stolen please call the police department to file a report, and share a photo of your bicycle.

Wearing a bicycle helmet reduces the risk of brain or head injury by as much as 85%. It is required at dusk and after dark to have both a front and rear bicycle light.

Use an extra secure lock, like a U-lock. Cable locks can be easily cut. Lock your wheel and frame together.

For Emergencies Call 911