The goal of the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is to involve both landlord and tenants in keeping their own properties free of illegal activity.  In order for rental property to receive certification as a Crime Free Multi-Housing property, the manager must undergo training in crime prevention issues, make necessary physical and environmental changes to property, and involve residents in Neighborhood Watch.

Benefits to Property Owners/Managers:

  • Increased property values
  • Increased demand for rental units
  • A stable, more satisfied tenant base
  • Lower maintenance and repair costs
  • More appreciative neighbors, tenants and community
  • Improved personal safety for tenants, landlords, and managers.
  • Peace of mind that comes from spending more time on routine management and less on crisis control.

Benefits to Tenants:

  • A safe environment.
  • Fair, equal treatment of all tenants.
  • A sense of community in knowing their neighbors
  • Management involved in tenant issues and concerns.
  • Knowledge of proven crime prevention techniques taught by local police.

Benefits to Law Enforcement:

  • Tried and true crime prevention methods.
  • Proven drop in calls for service by up to 67%. Improved quality of life for the community at large.
  • A community oriented policing approach to crime prevention.
  • Statewide collaboration between cities, police and sheriff departments.
  • Teaches property managers and residents how to work with police and neighbors to keep drugs and other illegal activity out of rental property.

Please contact La Crescent Police Department at (507) 895-4414 if you are interested in how to become a certified leasing or rental manager.

For Emergencies Call 911