The City of La Crescent staff and staff from the consulting firm of MSA Professional Services continued receiving public input on concepts and alternatives for the Walnut Street Corridor.  The project begins at South 3rd Street and continues north on Walnut Street to North 4th Street and includes studying options for creating bicycle and pedestrian access to Veterans Park north of North 4th Street via Park Street, Walnut Place and North Chestnut Street.  City staff had a booth at the Farmer’s Market on Tuesday, August 8th from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. to present project information and to obtain input from the public.  The city conducted three meetings on Wednesday, August 9th.  One meeting was with the residential property owners in the study area, a second meeting was held with merchants and businesses on South Walnut Street and a community meeting was held the evening of August 9th.

Presentation materials from August 8th and 9th are available at the following links.  The slide show from the August 9th meeting is at this link: LaCrescent-Walnut St. Corridor Plan Input Meeting

The presentation board depicting the alternative concepts along the corridor that provide for Americans with Disabilities (ADA) access, bicyclists, pedestrians, automobiles, trucks, and busses is at this link:Presentation Board for Walnut Street Project 

If you would like to fill out a comment form please select the following link Walnut Street Corridor Plan Comment sheet once you have completed the form please drop it off at the front desk at City Hall or scan it and email to

The city’s Economic Development Commission will be reviewing a draft of the Walnut Street Corridor Plan in September and will make a recommendation to the City Council on the final draft of the plan.  The City Planning Commission will be reviewing the plan in October and will make their recommendation to the City Council on the final draft of the plan.  The City Council will be reviewing the final draft of the plan in November and is expected to take action on the plan in November.

If you have any questions, please call Larry Kirch, Community Development Director at (507) 895-4096.