The City of La Crescent is served by a city-owned and operated water utility. The water supply comes from wells, with a total pumping capacity of about 2,690 gallons a minute. The city has 2 reservoirs. The water is chlorinated and fluoridated daily. The water hardness is 19 grains.


Water Leaks

If you notice a water leak inside your home, you should contact your plumber to inspect it and repair it, if needed. As a property owner, you are responsible for repairs to any pipes between the main and your residence/business. If the leak is outside near the curb or street, please contact City Hall at 507-895-2595.

Sewer Back-Ups

The main sewer line will be investigated and the necessary action taken. If however, the problem exists in the sanitary sewer service, which connects the structure to the main sewer line, it would be the property owner’s responsibility to have the problem corrected.

Note: Many homeowners’ insurance policies exclude sewer backups so homeowners are encouraged to talk to their agent about protection. The City is only liable if the backup was caused by the City’s negligence.