September 25th, 2023|

New Bike Law – Rolling Stops

Beginning August 1st, bicyclists in Minnesota no longer need to fully stop for stop signs if there are no cars around.

Minnesota Statutes 2022, section 169.222, is amended by adding a subdivision to read:

Subd. 4a. Stopping requirements. (a) For purposes of this subdivision, “in the vicinity” means located in an intersection or approaching an intersection in a manner that constitutes a hazard of collision during the time that a bicycle operator would occupy the intersection.

(b) A bicycle operator who approaches a stop sign must slow to a speed that allows for stopping before entering the intersection or the nearest crosswalk.  Notwithstanding subdivision 1 and section 169.06, subdivision 4, if there is not a vehicle in the vicinity, the operator may make a turn or proceed through the intersection without stopping.

(c) Nothing in this subdivision alters the right-of-way requirements under section 169.20.  The provisions under this subdivision do not apply when traffic is controlled by a peace officer or a person authorized to control traffic under section 169.06.

September 21st, 2023|

Walnut Street Corridor Planning Project Update

The City of La Crescent staff and staff from the consulting firm of MSA Professional Services continued receiving public input on concepts and alternatives for the Walnut Street Corridor.  The project begins at South 3rd Street and continues north on Walnut Street to North 4th Street and includes studying options for creating bicycle and pedestrian access to Veterans Park north of North 4th Street via Park Street, Walnut Place and North Chestnut Street.  City staff had a booth at the Farmer’s Market on Tuesday, August 8th from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. to present project information and to obtain input from the public.  The city conducted three meetings on Wednesday, August 9th.  One meeting was with the residential property owners in the study area, a second meeting was held with merchants and businesses on South Walnut Street and a community meeting was held the evening of August 9th.

Presentation materials from August 8th and 9th are available at the following links.  The slide show from the August 9th meeting is at this link: LaCrescent-Walnut St. Corridor Plan Input Meeting

The presentation board depicting the alternative concepts along the corridor that provide for Americans with Disabilities (ADA) access, bicyclists, pedestrians, automobiles, trucks, and busses is at this link:Presentation Board for Walnut Street Project 

If you would like to fill out a comment form please select the following link Walnut Street Corridor Plan Comment sheet once you have completed the form please drop it off at the front desk at City Hall or scan it and email to

The city’s Economic Development Commission will be reviewing a draft of the Walnut Street Corridor Plan in September and will make a recommendation to the City Council on the final draft of the plan.  The City Planning Commission will be reviewing the plan in October and will make their recommendation to the City Council on the final draft of the plan.  The City Council will be reviewing the final draft of the plan in November and is expected to take action on the plan in November.

If you have any questions, please call Larry Kirch, Community Development Director at (507) 895-4096.

August 16th, 2023|

Ordinance No. 255 Enacting Water Conservation Measures Now Active

The City of La Crescent Public Works Director has released a memo regarding Ordinance No. 255 enacting water conservation measures.  The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has declared a severe drought for the Upper Mississippi-Black-Root Watershed.  Select the links below to view the memo and additional websites offering other ways to conserve water:

Ord. #255 Emergency Restriction for Conservation of Water

August 4th, 2023|

La Crescent Police Department Job Posting

The City of La Crescent is accepting applications for one immediate position of full-time Peace Officer (Patrol Officer).

Whether you have always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives or simply want to be a part of a bond unlike any other, the La Crescent Police Department may be the place for you.  Learn more about us on Facebook.

Qualified applicants will have a valid full-time P.O.S.T license or be eligible to be licensed, be a citizen of the United States, possess a valid driver’s license with a good driving record, and pass a background check as well as a physical and psychological examinations.

Patrol Officer position is a member of Law Enforcement Labors Services with a 2023 contract starting wage of $26.36 per hour with additional wage incentives for medical certificates (EMR/EMT) and shift differential.  Lateral entry allowed based on qualifications and experience.

Application and job description may be obtained at under the Police Department tab, La Crescent Department Facebook page or by contacting the City of La Crescent at 507-895-4414.

Application materials must be received by 6pm on Friday September 1, 2023.

La Crescent Police Department
315 Main Street
P.O. box 142
La Crescent, MN  55947

Benefit Package

  • Patrol Officers represented by LELS Local #120
  • 2023 starting wage $26.36 hr. with 72-month six (6) step increases to $33.64 hr.
  • Shift differential $1.40 per hour (work the majority of shift between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m.)
  • Current medical certification an additional $3.00 per hour (EMR/EMT)
  • Uniform allowance of $775 per year
  • Paid Holidays (Each employee must work if scheduled (reg rate + time 1/2) and is considered off work if scheduled to be off work.  Each member will get on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving of each year, eleven (11) days’ pay at the rate of eight (8) hours pay or eighty-eight (88) hours in pay in a lump sum cash payment for that year)
  • 2023 Medical Insurance contribution $1851/month for family and $1,004/month for single coverage
  • Accrued Vacation and Sick Leave with the ability to bank Compensatory Time
August 2nd, 2023|

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