The La Crescent Public Library Board of Trustees meets six times per year to approve library policies, review budgeting and policy implementation, sets goals for the library, and oversees library staff.  Members of the public are welcome to attend any and all meetings of the Board.  Minutes and agendas are available here:

To contact the Library Board, email:

Board Members along with their term end dates are listed below.

Erica Myhre,


  • 2024

Sue Amble,

Vice President

  • 2023

Kristi Moulton,


  • 2023

Kelsey Boulton

  • 2025

Tina Ryan

  • 2024

Sara Docan-Morgan

  • 2025

Teresa O’Donnell-Ebner,

City Council Representative

  • 2023

Jim Nissen,


Kathy Rozovics,

Friends of the Library Representative